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Chapter 32

Roll Out

     You can probably tell the admiration I have for the courage and creativity of skaters.

     Skateboarding has all the skill and danger of a martial art, but with no adversary; only gravity, physics and hard reality. Once understood, these adversaries are indispensible to the dance, aren't they? What a metaphor for existence.

     To us folks who don't roll, a skater's frame of mind is available: Find a perfect wave in the everyday hardscape, or make one for yourself; find the good news of a foggy day, a friend in the material question, love and laughter in your job.

     So there you go:

The Anti Gravity Device Company: Elevating Skaters Since 1987.

Gone are: Vern Johnson, Ves Fowler, Moose Trapasso, Artie Corradi, Tim Garrety, Dick Latvala, Gary Crawford and Andrew Gordon. I miss all you characters I worked with, dead and alive. Did we not have fun?

            -- John Oliver, April 7, 2017

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