Anti Gravity Device Company

A photo album soon to accompany the book.

Introduction: Roll In

Chapter 1 The Legend of Skateboarding

Chapter 2 The Perfect Wave

Chapter 3 Anti Gravity Device Company

Chapter 4 Finding Animal Chin

Chapter 5 Powell-Peralta 1987

Chapter 6 The Horton Building 1988

Chapter 7 Moby Ramp

Chapter 8 Summer Tour 1988

Chapter 9 Meanwhile, Back in California

Chapter 10 Slug Gone Bad

Chapter 11 The Noodles Tours

Chapter 12 The Lemon House

Chapter 13 Moby Ramp II

Chapter 14 Vancouver

Chapter 15 MacKensie SkateZone

Chapter 16 PCHQ Jamming

Chapter 17 AutoCad

Chapter 18 Bay of Cubes

Chapter 19 The Taj Mah Wall

Chapter 20 Captain Safety

Chapter 21 The Deming Prize

Chapter 23 Jana, the Hap-Hap and the Dalai Lama

Chapter 24 Escape From Planet of the Skates

Chapter 25 The Aftermath

Chapter 26 The Digital SkateZone

Chapter 27 The Great White Duck

Chapter 28 SkateStreet

Chapter 29 The Gold Pyramid

Chapter 30 Uncle John's Web

Chapter 31 Making a Living

Epilogue: Roll Out


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